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Selected quotes from
"Standing In Your Own Way"

by Anthony Damiani

Larson Publications © 1993 Ella Damiani

"You mean it never occurs to you what I thought is going on in your mind to strike it out, smash it, destroy, and say, "you! You are an S.O.B! You deprive me of my peace of mind!" Doesn't it occur to you?"
Page 92

"Tomorrow morning I've got to go to the dentist and get a tooth pulled out, and so all night on thinking about the dentist -- all night. I spent eight hours worrying about it. I'm living in the ego consciousness; whereas if I push that thought aside and don't go into it, don't identify with it, then I will be living in the ego consciousness, and will be suffering anxiety, I won't be in pain. But every time I lapse, every time I think, "Ah! The dentist tomorrow," boom! I'm in pain. "Get out, get out quick, hurry up, get out of the ego... Oh! I feel better.""
Page 95

"Where PB says that once that the power or identify with the lower is released from that process, then it can be offered up to the higher. I prefer that you look at this in a practical way."
Page 104

"...but when you look at the dream, you know that the dream character borrowed whatever consciousness he or she has from the person having the dream."
Page 120

"In so far as there is an incessant process of thinking going on, and this thinking is going on is actualized as herb, and thinks that it is herb, always refers to herb, herb is going to believe in the reality of his ego."
Page 121

"But certainly if you look back 20 years ago, you see that there's hardly the same person there anymore, and the person that were referring to is of course an ongoing mental process, a combustion process that's going on all the time."
Page 137

"The identity is that light which permeates the ego, is always self identical with itself; but what it permeates is not self identical with itself the identity always refers to the subject, miracle of subjectivity, which is never to be confused with the object of that subjectivity. The object of that subjectivity is thought. Bought in its totality is what you call your ego. This thought now appropriates the light coming into it and says, "I am I." which is a downright lie. The "I" is the light and not the light penetrating through the dust. The dust isn't light! "
Page 137

"This throw of the dice, this potential, these possibilities, will not constitute you again. Just from an elementary acquaintance with the astrological chart, you see that that can't be."
Page 141

"PB suggests that if you want to get to the hidden observer, the dream subject identifies himself with his own subjectivity, his consciousness, and if he follows that through you'll arrive at the Vic who is having the dream or the consciousness of the hidden observer."
Page 150

"You'll see that even if you do a simple mantram. After a while ago is on by itself. And you say," how could that be? I'm not even paying attention to it." You could be observing it and it's going on by itself."
Page 157

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