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Selected quotes from
"Notebooks of Paul Brunton: The Ego, Vol. 6"

by Paul Brunton

Larson Publications NY © 1987

"The danger of most pseudo-spiritual paths is that they stimulate the ego, whereas the authentic path will suffocate it."
Page 2

"Within every human entity there is a silent pull from within toward its centre, the real self. But alongside of this there is a stronger pull from without toward its instruments--the body's senses, the intellect, and the feelings--the false self. The entity is compelled to divide itself, its life and attention, between these two opposites, involuntarily through waking and sleeping, voluntarily through the ego surrendered to the Overself."
Page 3

"What he takes to be his true identity is only a dream that separates him from it. He has become a curious creature which eagerly accepts the confining darkness of the ego's life and turns its back on the blazing light of the soul's life."
Page 4

"...the body is only a part of you, that part which is the object receiving your attention."
Page 9

"As he understands himself to be, so will he understand the world to be. If he understands that he is only a material body, the world will appear to him likewise. If he finds no spiritual content in himself, he will not find it in the world either."
Page 10

"The "I" is not a thought at all. It is the very principle of Consciousness itself, pure Being. It is neither personal mind nor physical body, neither ego nor little self. Without it they could not exist or function. It is their witness."
Page 11

"Is man nothing more than a little animal made perverse and corrupt by the growth of intellect? This is a shallow concept of the human entity."
Page 13

"Just as a shadow bespeaks a light, so the ego bespeaks its source in the Overself."
Page 19

"Expressed in more familiar religious language, it may be said that God has put something of Himself into each one of us. But it is there only as a potential; we must make the necessary effort to make ourselves more and more conscious of it."
Page 20

"The "I" of the ego is supported by the "I" of the spiritual being, the spiritual self. Indeed the first derives its reality from the second and the second survives when the first passes away."
Page 20

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