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Selected quotes from
"Notebooks of Paul Brunton: From Birth to Rebirth, Vol. 6"

by Paul Brunton

Larson Publications NY © 1987

"A Buddhist method of driving away obstructing spirits is to snap the fingers around the head for a while and utter the mantram "PHAT" ("crack"). This method is also used as part of the deathrite at the moment of the soul's departure from the body."
Page 21

"What spiritualism is mostly trafficking with, where it is not subconscious dramatization of the mind's own content, is less often spirits of dead men as spirits of half-animal, half-human beings who pretend to be what they are not and mislead sitters, and who are antagonistic to the human kingdom because the latter has all too frequently dealt antagonistically with the animal kingdom."
Page 24

"The desire to kill himself may really be a desire to terminate the ego's life, but the man is unaware of this. In such cases, which are in a minority, the quest will be consciously adopted later."
Page 26

"When suffering reaches its zenith or frustration is drawn out too long, when the heart is resigned to hopelessness or the mind to apathy, people often say that they do not wish to live any more and that they await the coming of death. They think only of the body's death, however. This will not solve their problem, for the same situation--under another guise--will repeat itself in a later birth. The only real solution is to seek out the inner reality of their longing for death. They want it because they believe it will separate them from their problems and disappointments. But these are the ego's burdens. Therefore the radical separation from them is achievable only by separating permanently from the ego itself. Peace will then come--and come forever."
Page 27

"The life that is in us goes at death into the life that is in the universe. It is as secure there as it was in us. It is not lost. Thereafter it reappears in another form, another body."
Page 30

"The thought of the body, of being identified with it, guarantees that a dying person will come back here again."
Page 31

"Both the things we desire and those we dread bring us into incarnation again."
Page 31

"To be born and brought up in an atmosphere of high thinking and wide searching--this is the chance which reincarnation gives."
Page 31

"None of us is thrown into this world against his will. All of us are here because we want to be here."
Page 32

"At any given moment, a man thinks and acts according to, and as a result of, his whole mental and physical experience of life and his whole character and nature. These cannot be limited to the single short life on earth he now knows, for that will not explain many of his tendencies and traits. They must include all his previous lives."
Page 33

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