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Selected quotes from
"Notebooks of Paul Brunton: From Birth to Rebirth, Vol. 6"

by Paul Brunton

Larson Publications NY © 1987

"The past puts itself into every thought, every act, every perception even."
Page 33

"The traits and tendencies which a man receives from the preceding births constitute in their totality the personal self which he knows as "I.""
Page 34

"The essence of countless experiences and states through which he has passed is here and now with him as the degree of character, intelligence, and power which he possesses."
Page 37

"It is easy to despise as stupid those of obvious inferior intelligence, but it would be well to remember that we were once at the same level. The notion of rebirth teaches tolerance."
Page 40

"When intuitive recognitions of truth, swift flashes of understanding, come on hearing or reading these inspired statements, this is a sign of having been engaged in its quest during former reincarnations."
Page 40

"That men are at varying stages of mental capacity, different degrees of spiritual response, and unequal in character, manners, self-control, or reactions, is a matter of everyday observation. The theory of reincarnation in mentalism offers a logical explanation of these differences, and a deeper one than materialism's."
Page 40

"Freud's postulate of the Unconscious mind as a structure of forgotten unrecoverable memories is a precursor of the rebirth theory. It prepares the way for scientific acceptance of the latter and should inevitably lead to it. In turn, it throws light on the doctrine of karma. For the ego which revives out of apparent nothingness is the conscious mind which reappears out of the unconscious."
Page 42

"This feeling that we have seen this place before, passed through that situation, comes from a former personality. The soul is the same, but the outer man is not."
Page 44

"Since it is not from the animal but from the human state that the Essence of Being can be realized (because the animal does not possess the necessary faculties), the processes of rebirth must fill the gap between lowest animal to highest human."
Page 47

"But who can count the number of times a living being must incarnate in the plant world before it is ready to enter the animal kingdom? Nearly a half of the average life is spent in recapitulating the previous incarnational development so that the work of a new incarnation does not really begin until then."
Page 47

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