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Selected quotes from
"Notebooks of Paul Brunton: From Birth to Rebirth, Vol. 6"

by Paul Brunton

Larson Publications NY © 1987

"The destiny of man is whatever happens to him, be it self-earned or ordained by a higher power. The fate of a man is the special kind of destiny which is so ordained and hence beyond his control."
Page 67

"Things act according to their nature. The World Idea records these actions in a secret way and reflects back their appropriate results. And as with things so with persons. Each of us sings a note out into the universe, and the universe answers us in the same key."
Page 69

"As he looks back over all the events of his outer life, they seem like pages in a book he has been reading, already written out, with the events yet to happen being the unread pages. Or he is only a character in the book's story, seemingly acting out of his own choice but really and quite unconsciously working out the author's choice."
Page 70

"He has to foresee the consequences not only of an action but also of an attitude or an outlook."
Page 71

"If men complain that life brings them its worst, they ought to pause and consider whether they have prepared themselves inwardly to receive anything better than the worst."
Page 72

"Man is responsible for his own acts. The belief that any Saviour can suffer for his sins or any priest remit them, is incorrect."
Page 74

"Since it is demonstrably true that it is the degree to which events affect your thoughts or move your feelings that they have power over you, it must also be true that to gain control over thought and feeling is to become pleasurably independent of fortune. If you let your life be managed entirely by the hazards and chances of outside happenings instead of by your own intelligence, you imperil it."
Page 76

"Men will moan about their unhappy past, and ache because they cannot undo it; but they forget to undo the unhappy future which they are now busy making."
Page 77

"The believer in such rigid fatalism finds himself trapped; there is nothing he can do about a situation except let it take its own course. Whichever way he turns he feels that he is caught. No choice that he makes is really his; it is always an imposed one. He cannot act of his own free will."
Page 79

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