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Selected quotes from
"Notebooks of Paul Brunton: The Ego, Vol. 6"

by Paul Brunton

Larson Publications NY © 1987

"The ego can find many dodges and give many pretexts to prevent him from making the first humiliating gesture of mental surrender. They are intended to protect its own life or power and to keep him, through pride, from making any space for the Overself's entry."
Page 54

"The ego automatically assumes the posture of rectitude, spontaneously comes to its own defense, rather than to examine whether it really is right."
Page 59

"If I love the ego, then I fear other men or the opinion of other men. I will so act as to please them rather than the higher will."
Page 63

"The man who asserts his ego in everyday life is often the man who is more successful than his modest fellows. But it still remains open to question whether his kind of success is worth having."
Page 64

"The least important part of Mind gets our almost undivided attention. The illusion-attacked conscious ego--an illusion itself--forces us to see and hear the sense world, or its own vain thought-forms and dream-images, almost all the time. The real part of the Mind is ignored and left out as if it were illusory!"
Page 66

"The ego is Satan, the devil, the principle of evil, so long as it is not recognized and mastered."
Page 67

"Applying this, it follows that it is his holding of the thought of his personal separate ego alone which prevents him achieving identification with the Overself. Is this not said, in another way, by Jesus?"
Page 69

"Your handicap is the strong ego, the "I" which stands in the path and must be surrendered by emotional sacrifice in the blood of the heart. But once out of the way, you will feel a tremendous relief and gain peace."
Page 69

"People will not look at what is actual if it contradicts their expectation, but only at what they think ought to be there."
Page 74

"I am dubious whether anyone can be perfectly sincere if his actions do not come from this deeper source. He may believe that he is, and others may believe the same of him, but since his actions must come from his ego, which is itself spawned by deception and maintained by illusion, how can they achieve a standard which depends on complete truth and utter reality?"
Page 76

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