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Selected quotes from
"Notebooks of Paul Brunton: The Ego, Vol. 6"

by Paul Brunton

Larson Publications NY © 1987

"In the very act of praising God or lauding Spirit, the ego praises or lauds itself--such is the cunning duplicity with which it leads a man into thinking that he is being very spiritual or becoming very pious."
Page 100

"He would be more prudent to suspect the presence of the ego even in his most spiritual aspirations, reflections, and experiences."
Page 101

"Instead of reducing the ego, it has merely exchanged its areas of interest, itself remaining as strong as before. The unworldly has been taken into its jurisdiction for the sake of its own growth and power."
Page 103

"It is in line with the limited degree of mass human development that the popular religions, both Oriental and Occidental, cater to the ego. This is visible at a number of points, such as the teachings on prayer and the post-mortem state. Those religions have had to accommodate themselves to the unevolved. And consequently in their moral aims, they have sought to thin down man's ego since he was not ready to give up trying to perpetuate it."
Page 103

"However fine the virtues which it cultivates may be, they are still ego-chosen and ego-grown, still self-centered--which may help to interpret Jesus' pronouncement about all our righteousness being as filthy rags to God."
Page 103

"Men suit their own self-interest. They may cover this up with tall talk or simple hypocrisy. They may try to trick others or even themselves with an outward show of idealism."
Page 103

"When a man can forgive God all the anguish of his past calamities and when he can forgive other men and women for the wrongs they have done him, he will come to inward peace. For this is what his ego cannot do."
Page 106

"All his longings to escape from the prison of the ego and to reach the I AM in himself reflect themselves in his experiments with drink, drugs, sex, adventure, or ambition."
Page 108

"The desire for death which rises when suffering seems unendurable is at bottom a desire for release from individual entity."
Page 108

"The mystic must first get a knowledge of the laws of the human psyche before he can understand what is happening to him."
Page 109

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