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Selected quotes from
"Standing In Your Own Way"

by Anthony Damiani

Larson Publications © 1993 Ella Damiani

"The anxiety is something else. The anxiety has got to do with the ego, and the fact that the ego recognizes the fact of the possibility of its non-existence."
Page 20

"To give up the self-will is to no longer allow or permit the lower mind or the lower self to perpetually occupy you with its own thoughts."
Page 64

"But notice the tremendous psychical dissipation that's going on. It's like you've left the electricity on, and you don't need to. You're just wasting it. It's a dissipation that comes through extroversion and goes on all the time."
Page 66

"Every now and then, stop and look at your mind and you'll see the way you've been hypnotized for an hour or so with all kinds of thoughts."
Page 72

"As soon as I started increasing my meditations to four and five a day, I started getting wobbly knees, broken ankles, stupid inflammation of the nerves - everything comes out. The ego's right there pitching in: 'I'm going to stop this guy, no matter what.'"
Page 78

"And another nice thing is: thoughts come, and you let them go, too. You don't hold onto them. They come, and they go. For most of us, when our thoughts come we say, " wait a minute!" -- and we want to know their history, their genesis, their biography. And we involved:" all right, next one." Ante comes along, and the same thing. And it goes on and on. But with a quiet mind, they come, they go." Hello, goodbye.""
Page 81

"And the only way we can understand the nature of thinking is by doing precisely what he said and have thinking think about itself. It'll come to a dead stop. But that's beside the point right now. It's only when a person sees that thinking is creative has world that he can see a wrong thinking is going to create all the horrors he's going to live with."
Page 87

"To permit the world idea to be manifested through you without you distorting it: that's correct thinking. In other words, if we go to a lower level, we spoke about you being pure looking, pure seeing, pure observation. The perceptual manifold goes on manifesting. You're not interfering. Why? Because you're not going to identify with a portion of that; you're going to remain as mind, unfragmented consciousness. Then that would be correct thinking."
Page 88

"What counts now it is: look, and keep looking; understand the way your mind operates, see what it's doing, trace it back, and you'll see that eventually your mind or your consciousness is splitting up. Watch that process until the point where you get immersed in the and you become just pure seeing."
Page 89

"When I speak about ferreting out the source of the ego, not speaking about O'Leary; when speaking about something you've got to do. You got to watch every time a thought comes into your mind. You got to understand the nature of the law; you got to see what it's doing. You got to trace it to its origin. You get to keep doing that with the perceptual field, from moment to moment, that is going on. You can allow yourself to be comfortable in the psyche. It's what I call " the living dead.""
Page 90

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