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Selected quotes from
"Standing In Your Own Way"

by Anthony Damiani

Larson Publications © 1993 Ella Damiani

"The recognition that the ego is part of the world's being comes upon you and you stop saying that it doesn't exist."
Page 158

"Want to start believing in my ego as the reality, I've given up any belief in the higher power."
Page 165

"Ego doesn't forgive anyone. How often have you spontaneously forgiven someone who has hurt you deeply? Can you count the times? Well, that's how often you were enlightened."
Page 194

"But if the forgiveness is really there, and spontaneous, you will see its the higher part of you. It's certainly not your ego."
Page 194

"We're saying that each and every one of us there is this craving, this desire, for existence. And it manifests through whatever that thing that we're craving for is. So it could be that beautiful car, a girl, that object of desire. Through each and every one of those objects of desire, my craving for existence gets manifest. It set a very craving which I think he's referring to as the ego, the concept of the ego. "
Page 217

"The person cannot renounce the world until sufficient experience of the transitory nature of his desires is experienced and that is dropped in his understanding, it becomes his understanding."
Page 218

"So you go through these experiences. In some matters your force, you have no choice, you will be put through it. And you come out and, depending on whether you understand or glimpse the meaning of the experience or not, depending upon that, you will either benefit or not. When a person goes through something like that and tries to understand what was being experienced, he will benefit. The other, for reasons that experience and fights back, he won't benefit. So it depends on the individual. But that's understanding which remains permanent. It remains part of your makeup."
Page 218

"He'll stress over and over again that the ego has to be filled. He's not going to say, like the Easterners," gear rid of it." You might say if you want to give it up after you develop and perfect it, and give it up, but that will keep you busy long time."
Page 228

"You have to be careful that when you do understand the spiritual truth, you keep it in its proper place -- that when you understand conceptually, you know it is conceptual understanding you have and that you have not received the light itself. Selected speak about the light of the understanding and I could speak about the understanding, but there are distinct."
Page 232

"If you watch the field of consciousness very intently, you are observation. Now the next thing that you're going to see is the resurgence of the observer and he observed. And you're going to see something very curious -- he going to see that the whole, that unitary consciousness, gets bifurcated. He going to see part of an identifying with the ego, or what we would call the organism. You'll see that consciousness gets fragmented, bifurcated; you'll see it identify with the portion of the whole perceptual field."
Page 233

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