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Selected quotes from
"Standing In Your Own Way"

by Anthony Damiani

Larson Publications © 1993 Ella Damiani

"In different go through this process of analyzing the entire perceptual field and then we get immersed in a, we experienced ourselves as pure observation. Then, the next instant we see, all of a sudden, and we have identified with a certain part of that perceptual field which brings about the conflict, or the Observer and the observed."
Page 236

"You've got to not intellectually understand what I'm saying; you got to perceive with your mind what I'm saying."
Page 237

"Have you at times noticed yourself or a child or a person who is in a state of self-absorption? You seen her kid daydreaming, just staring off into space, and then you say," eat your dinner!" And all of a sudden, at that moment, he's got to come out of it. At that moment he's got to create an object, the dinner, and is subject to has to eat that."
Page 237

"Make sure you know what you're asking for, because this is a big thing. Once you do that, I'm not saying it's granted, but then there comes a series of lives were egoism is really crushed, or you go through a training where you get rid of it, or you come across a master who will help you get rid of it."
Page 246

"You want the truth, you get rid of your ego. But at the same time you're not going to get rid of your ego until you have sufficiently developed, purified, and brought it under the higher discipline, the higher philosophy."
Page 250

"The ego is going to surrender itself unless it has reached the profoundest level of understanding. That comes either through satiation of experience or this profundity of understanding, where the ego then realizes that has to make that effort."
Page 253

"The ego's going to have to work towards enlightenment. There are no two ways about it. And then, the paradox is that when it reaches the Enlightenment, he can only get enlightened by IT not being. Can't you accept the paradox?"
Page 254

"On one hand, the soul is of such a nature that it has relationship when nothing -- it's utterly Alone, the I AM principle. Then it also has the strange power to project itself forth, and recall that the embodying soul."
Page 254

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