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Back in early April of 2000 I went through the customer reviews for all of the Seth/Jane books and emailed an invitation to anybody who left an email address to join the discussion forum. Tom was one of the people I emailed. This is how I met Tom. My initial response from Tom is posted below. Since that first email we have had an ongoing dialog that has been very fruitful and is presented here.

Update 9/29/2014: Just found out yesterday, via a guestbook commenter, that Tom Dark (aka Pete Danison) passed away October of 2013. The cause it seems was from sudden complications from diabetis. Rest in Peace fellow Sethian...

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    April 8, 2000 (Tom's initial response)

    Tom: I lived with Sue Watkins, Jane's, uh, chosen protege, for about 4 years, for the purpose of studying dreams and writing. I hung out with Rob Butts frequently in those days, and read all the available material yet unpublished. Rob and I still write each other.

    As to the amount of unpublished material -- Once at dinner at a chinese restaurant in downtown Elmira, Rob remarked that he'd finished counting up all Seth's dictation work from the year 1966. It amounted to a million words, or about 10 books worth of material, that year alone. So there is quite a bit more than anyone realizes, even tho' Seth expected to have Jane for 40 years.

    At some point or another I may be in the mood to sort through whatever is at your "Seth" site. Once in awhile I do participate. But as Seth described Rob and Jane, I too prefer "one-on-one relationship with the universe" and prefer to relate to people one at a time, despite frequent activity to the contrary.

    Incidentally, the person who wrote you how Jane died was wrong. The doctor's diagnosis, which I read, was blood poisoning due to bedsores. The doctors basically agreed with Seth. There was "nothing wrong with her" to the extent that would have put her in a life-threatening position. Everybody was mystified.

    Sue had a theory she didn't think was very funny about Jane's dying when she did -- around then some of the old ESP class members were starting up their own little "Seth" businesses and Jane dreaded all that. Sue thinks Jane died because she didn't want to be around for the "Seth International" this and the "World Seth Conference" that. I don't have much patience with that sort of noisy, greedy flag-waving, either. But I'm one of the very few people who actually uses the various suggested exercises, and often. It makes the rules of the game different, just as Seth said.