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Apr 2000

Apr 8, 2000
Apr 10, 2000, Apr 10, 2000 (second letter)
Apr 12, 2000
Apr 13, 2000, Apr 13, 2000 (second letter)
Apr 17, 2000, Apr 17, 2000 (second letter)
Apr 20, 2000
Apr 21, 2000, Apr 21, 2000 (second letter)

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April 8, 2000 (Tom's initial response)

Tom: I lived with Sue Watkins, Jane's, uh, chosen protege, for about 4 years, for the purpose of studying dreams and writing. I hung out with Rob Butts frequently in those days, and read all the available material yet unpublished. Rob and I still write each other.

As to the amount of unpublished material -- Once at dinner at a chinese restaurant in downtown Elmira, Rob remarked that he'd finished counting up all Seth's dictation work from the year 1966. It amounted to a million words, or about 10 books worth of material, that year alone. So there is quite a bit more than anyone realizes, even tho' Seth expected to have Jane for 40 years.

At some point or another I may be in the mood to sort through whatever is at your "Seth" site. Once in awhile I do participate. But as Seth described Rob and Jane, I too prefer "one-on-one relationship with the universe" and prefer to relate to people one at a time, despite frequent activity to the contrary.

Incidentally, the person who wrote you how Jane died was wrong. The doctor's diagnosis, which I read, was blood poisoning due to bedsores. The doctors basically agreed with Seth. There was "nothing wrong with her" to the extent that would have put her in a life-threatening position. Everybody was mystified.

Sue had a theory she didn't think was very funny about Jane's dying when she did -- around then some of the old ESP class members were starting up their own little "Seth" businesses and Jane dreaded all that. Sue thinks Jane died because she didn't want to be around for the "Seth International" this and the "World Seth Conference" that. I don't have much patience with that sort of noisy, greedy flag-waving, either. But I'm one of the very few people who actually uses the various suggested exercises, and often. It makes the rules of the game different, just as Seth said.

April 10, 2000

Shawn: So even after the finish of "The Early Sessions" there is much more left unpublished?

Tom: Lots and lots.

Shawn: Very interesting. Do you know if Jane's demeanor during the hospitalization? If she was calm, scared?

Tom: From perfunctory to miserable, if I remember Rob's notes correctly. I read THE WAY TOWARD HEALTH in its original MS, typewritten, all capitals, so I don't know what all was finally published. But generally, Jane sounded pretty weak in the hospital; her Seth-voice didn't boom as it usually did. Her last words were "Oh Rob -- I can't do this any more." She fell unconscious and died that night. Seth, in the meantime, had been promising them both that "Ruburt would be back in his beloved rocking chair before you know it" and had been counseling them that the problem was Jane's disbelief in her own worth, inherited, more or less, from the problems she had with her crazy mother and her Catholicism back when.

Shawn: I've just started experimenting with Psychological Time and have printed out the 16 Practice Elements from The Unknown Universe (1&2) and carry them around with me so when I have some spare time I can do them. I would be VERY interested to know what exercises work for you and what you have gotten from them. I've communicated with several people who had the opportunity to read a lot of Seth years ago but have been disappointed to find out almost nobody has taken up the practice seriously. Very puzzling as I would think that this would be the whole point of the Seth works.

Tom:I made a point to meet all the former ESP class students I could, and did make special friends with a couple of them. However, for the most part I wound up seeing the "New York Boys" as rather problematical people and strange birds. Sue used to say that they would probably be even bigger fuck-ups than they were if not for the ESP classes. They did belong to some weird cult before they stumbled across Jane Roberts.

Tom: And no, none of the former members I met had ever done any of the suggested exercises. Sue Watkins, who wrote those two volumes, had read only as far as part of "NPR" by the time we moved in together in '86. So don't please look to them as examples of anything... except maybe of how to ignore good advice...

Shawn >I am working on a project to pull all the exercises from all the books and bound them together. I'm actually thinking about a book with that as one part. Another section would include all the Seth parallels I've found in other works that have come after Seth. There is much validation to be found in other literature.

Tom: Aww... don't waste your time re-arranging Seth's work. He did put it all in a certain -- yet spontaneous -- order to create certain effects for the reader. I can vouch for the effectiveness it has in the order he put it in. The practice elements in "UNKNOWN" are meant especially to illustrate the concepts Seth was trying to convey in words in those books. My fave was number 11, which still rings in my mind 22 years later. Will write about it some time.

Tom: But the results are always original and unrepeatable. You mustn't preconceive what you will experience. The old boy was quite right about that. For me, the most practical exercise is "Concentrated Natural Hypnosis." The first thing I ever did with it was cure a chronic earache that never came back. Next, a bunch of money. Since then, I just mess with it daily to see what I can do, tho' there are other mental projects I concentrate on, as experiments.

Tom: The Seth material has already had considerable influence on "New Age" writers, and some influence on movies and t.v. and other creative media. Stuff I've read that basically steals the Seth ideas without crediting the author (I don't know why people think it's fair to steal original ideas out of the Seth books without crediting. Plagiarism is illegal everywhere else) tends to seem backward to me. Such as that wearisome junk by Marianne Morrison. There has been a lot of distilled stuff, but nothing at all comes close to approaching what Jane Roberts and her husband produced.

April 10, 2000 (second letter)

Shawn: I imagine this will be eventually published also?

Tom: Rob promised Jane he'd publish everything he could. Otherwise all their work was willed to Yale University for public access. There's a lot there now.

"Ruburt will be back in his beloved rocking chair before you know it"

Shawn: I would have expected Seth to tell her exactly that. Anything else he might have told her, according to the "Mass Events" book would have condemned her for sure.

Tom: Mebbe.

Tom: The practice elements came out long after the ESP class was disbanded.

Shawn: How does one come across the greatest psychological/philosophical work of all time and not follow the instructions for expanding ones consciousness?

Tom: "I'm afraid I can be of no help for the lazy-minded," Seth said.

Tom: Practice Element 11

Shawn: This is the one where you try to experience all your present sense data as fully as possible? That particular exercise, I thought, and perhaps the last two dealing with expanding the dream state had the most potential for increasing awareness. I also saw how each exercise was more or less aimed at a particular inner sense.

Tom: Whoa. Have you actually done any of these exercises? Do them, then think about what they're for after you have your experience to think about. Let me stress again: the results are always original and unrepeatable. You mustn't preconceive what you will experience. The old boy was quite right about that.

"Concentrated Natural Hypnosis."

Shawn: Where is the description for this exercise? (Or what is it?)

Tom: It's in THE NATURE OF PERSONAL REALITY. But read the book to get to that and any of the other suggestions. There are lots, and it doesn't hurt to try them all. They too are illustrations of concepts, whether one or the other works the best for you.

April 12, 2000

Shawn: I'm starting to do the practice elements.

Tom: Good. Do them, read, look at your world and the people around you in those terms, for fun and curiosity and sometimes to see if you can't solve a problem that way.

Shawn: In the last 4+ years I've read about 90 books (and countless web articles) in the areas of philosophy and psychology and such looking to find my place. 14 of the last 25 books I've read have been Seth books and I believe I've found the most profound teaching in the Seth work. I've been playing around with some exercises since mid last year and am ready to dive in and take them on as a serious (or not so) practice. I did, however, want to fully understand the Seth works as clearly as possible before starting.

Tom: Aye. I started reading Freud and Plato and Darwin and such milestone works in high school. Tho' Jane Roberts was from my home town (Saratoga County NY) and friends of mine were all excited about her books and her occasional visits, I said I was too busy reading other stuff. It took me 3 years to get 'round to Seth books after first hearing about them. What kept me studying them were my first successes from trying out Concentrated Natural Hypnosis.

"You get what you concentrate upon. There is no other main rule." Session 617, p.45

Shawn: I think you're referring to the above quote.

Tom: No. The whole description is in "NPR." Do you have a copy?

Shawn: I'm trying to distinguish this from desire and expectation. Seth mentions in TES2 that expectation is the key:

Tom: [etc] When you want a thing, that doesn't mean you expect it. It feels likely to happen, or probable, depending upon your own organism of related beliefs. A good part of that is bound up in whether you feel worthy of the desired thing, or it of you, etc, in all sorts of combinations.

Shawn: Does repeated concentration hammer the expectation deep enough into the subconscious to bring about its manifestation?

Tom: Try it and see. Tho' if you "hammer" at some things it may be because you aren't certain of yourself... then you'll get THOSE results, too. You can repeat some things to yourself for centuries and see no results. Been there. Well, not centuries. Unless I've been meaning to write a hit song since... oh... 1700.

Tom: I don't remember Jane describing any "thought balls."

Shawn: She did mention in one of the TES books how a ball of communication would come and the words would unravel and come out of her mouth.

Tom: Sounds like a passing thought about how to describe it. Say, do yourself a favor and study the books Seth put together himself. "TES" and various other scattered things are interesting enough, but they don't have the FUEL that the ones Seth designed as complete books do. Read "Speaks" and "NPR" and the others in order. He set each up to automatically challenge one's mental processes in a certain way (Some of the ESP class members pretended that just being close to Seth did amazing secret things, without having to listen or think. It was embarassing to hear the Manson-cult style superstition). It doesn't do anything if you don't read what he set up.

Shawn: As far as Monroe he did a lot of exploration in his level 2

Tom: What do you mean, here?

Shawn: and inspired a lot of people to follow him. At least he's helped people break out of level one.

Tom: Yes! And! Hitler helped a lot of people break out of that darned old taboo against killing jews... joking. But you should (predictive sense) find as you study the nature of beliefs around you -- in the reality you know daily, not just books -- that many "leaders" provide others with no more than the excuse they think they need to try anything.

Shawn: I'm not planning on doing psychedelics, but I do find the descriptions of the trips fascinating.

Tom: Again, go after your own. Put yourself right into it. Learning the scope and validity of your own inner experience will quicken the ideal you hope for far more effectively than can some "spiritual" dildo who lives in a castle paid for by gullible people who are afraid to look at themselves on their own.

Tom: I mean self-aware communications at different levels of consciousness. Or at least of getting aware of how this goes on constantly, with everybody, all the time.

Shawn: Wow...sounds like I've got a ways to go. All the more reason to get busy with the exercises.

Tom: Actually, you don't. As to your writing down your dreams, go back and read them with the last sentence in mind. I've looked at dozens of people's dream journals, and seen very plainly things that they've overlooked entirely, simply because they don't consciously believe such communications happen. But once you get the hang of your OWN dreamed language of sense and image and feeling, your notebooks will become very practical for you.

Shawn: I must say I've gotten more out of these few emails with you than a month on the yahoo Seth forum.

Tom: Of courrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrse (in thick german accent). I recognize a worthy "black sheep of the universe" when I hear from one. And you will get an exponentially greater "more" out of reality as you apply the intellectual efforts you are now making to the physical reality you are sitting in at this moment and beyond. If you are as intent on these studies as it seems to me you are, watch for lessons in your dreams.

April 13, 2000

Shawn: One of my pet projects is to win the lottery (as is everybodies). I try to imagine the mindset of those people who actually win. It never seems to be someone who is smart enough to know they can't win because of the odds.

Tom:I mess with it too. I get 1 number right every play, on the average, counting when I guess 2 or 3 and none correctly. Using sheer mind power, I've probably cut my odds from 80 million to 1 down to a mere 60 million to one! But statisticians are not yet beating a path to my door. When finally I guess a combination correctly, I'll collect my winnings and I'll publish a book on how to do it. The price of each copy will be many millions.

Shawn: Does repeated concentration hammer the expectation deep enough into the subconscious to bring about its manifestation?

Shawn: My comment was from my experience that in order to get things deep enough into the subconscious a great deal of repetition or one decent trauma is involved. I also believe that as soon as unconscious beliefs are made conscious than we are no longer controlled by them.

Tom:The trick is this: you hold all your beliefs consciously. They don't go down some psychic oubliette where special tools and great expense are necessary to root them out. A hammer doesn't control the carpenter who uses it, although the "shapings of the instrument" determine the general way it may be used. A belief is a mental tool the same way. The subject is as endless and as complex as the 5 or 6 billion different people who believe things for better or worse, but mainly, you are not controlled by your beliefs. You "control" your reality through your beliefs; but "create" is the much more accurate term. An exercise like "CNH" can drive the point home for you and you can see yourself create events that way quite literally and tangibly. I certainly have. He set each up to automatically challenge one's mental processes in a certain way

Shawn: Again I have read them all and know the material fairly well. And Seth did mention in one of the books that the material itself is presented in a way to further spiritual development.

Tom:Och, child. Och. Seth didn't trade in "spiritual development." I remember this line: "First of all, terms like 'spiritual' are ludicrous." He meant biological as well as psychological changes as, for one thing, one began to activate or recognize different areas of the brain. Go read them all again. Hammer, hammer, hammer.

Shawn: I watched "The Seth Video" and saw Seth speak during an ESP class. The class members did remind me of cult members snickering frequently at the words of their leader (Jane/Seth). Not what I would have expected for serious students of a great teacher.

Tom:Yeah, ew. Back when, I got a big old pile of tapes from Rob and tried to get somebody to clean 'em up and preserve them. That idiot Richie Kendall just had somebody put them all on CASSETTE. I don't know how many hours. I didn't even bother to save any for myself -- I have a few around here somewhere -- for all the teen-giggling and dopey questions and stuff. It seems to me the entirety of the ESP class was an off-handed experiment in what happens when you put fantastic original thinking in front of a room full of doped-up teenage screwballs who were hitchhiking to Woodstock and got off at the wrong exit. Of course, the implications altogether were more than this. But I think that's how I'd advertise any ESP class reunions. I know what when I was there, I was astonished at how greedy and selfish and self-aggrandizing the former members were.

Shawn: [Monroe] He wrote 3 inspirational books from his years of travel in what you termed level 2 (of Janes 4 levels).

Tom:That's what I thought you meant. Uh... go find the thing in Psychic Politics I was referring to. Don't make me look it up for you. I have great powers of petty irritation, and can accidentally hurt people when I have to look things up for them...

Shawn:I agree that people seem to be vicariously living off the stories of others in place of persuing their own spiritual experience. It's easier, and people like Neale Walsch seem to have made a good living off of that.

Tom:Never heard of Neale Walsch. I enjoyed the tales of Carlos Castaneda when I was a kid, though. Even looked at my hands in a dream, like Don Juan said to. What intrigued me the most were stories of being out in the desert and feeling spacious and mysterious. Seth wrote a simple criticism about the Don Juan books, which I found. Roughly, it was that nobody needs to think in terms of being a "warrior" about anything... plus, nobody needs the other baggage of dangerous high adventure, etc. Not that he ruled out all that was written.

Tom: As to your writing down your dreams,

Shawn: I check them and see, they seem very superficial to me but that's probably just the surface symbolism and in TES I just read how the dream symbols are chosen to have the most meaning for each level of the subconscious. It seems like a tall order to decode them. Maybe you could help me here if I sent you a journal entry?

Tom:Eek. I already have too many people asking me what their dreams mean. This is always a result of me saying something along the lines that your dreams are very useful, and you actually already know their meanings, you just have to get used to it all and it'll come to you.

Tom:over some years now of giving helpful suggestions... well, "decoding" somebody's dream for them... I haven't seen that it has been really of much use -- except as an exercise for me that I didn't really need. Once in awhile it's an "ooooooh... oh yeah. I get it." Things could be very different. Dream-telling could enrich the culture tremendously. Right now, it's an industrial wasteland...

Tom:And there is a funny feeling underlying someone's dreams for them, too. It is the perception of a moment where I'm looking at someone I like who, in a most conspicuous way, hasn't any idea who s/he is and maybe is afraid to know, for no good reason. How did this happen? Dreaming is as common as breathing and as exactly as necessary. How is it billions of people have a routine blindness to their own thoughts and feelings? Scary.

Tom:Your dreams are "encoded" in 100% pure ShawnReganese. The language is constructed similarly to all others, analogous to the similarity in shape and form of most human minds and bodies and psyches. The more you pay attention, the more you WILL find. Here is a good intellectual exercise to hammer, then. Go over your dreams the same way you might go over physical exercises for some athletic event. Punch the bag until you can knock it off its mooring. Slam the ball until you can make it disappear out of the stadium. Don't stop.

Tom:A dream-word is multidimensional. Its meaning is not pared down to ego-specifics the way spoken language usually is, for convenient allusion to physical action. Every dream-word/image/event alludes to endless associations that you alone know. It may refer to people and events and the subtlest feelings from childhood and previous lives and future realities all at once. In making the associations, your remembered dreams are also referring in one way or another the the immediate conditions of your body and mind and the events you are anticipating, for better or worse. Read your journal with that all in mind. Likely you'll find yourself feeling irritable about it, not infrequently. Acquiesce. It's cranky psychic muscles that have never been much exercised before.

Tom:Not that I don't want you telling me your dreams. I think that's a wonderful thing and people should get BACK to it the way they did before Freudianism hit the fan and killed what fun and wonder of it there was left for everybody -- after the churches got done with them.

Shawn: I am very intent and I will look for lessons. Again very good stuff in these emails, much appreciated.

Tom:Jane Roberts once wrote me about dreams "do try to be more playful about it all." I thought that was probably good advice. On the other hand, the night she died, I was reading one of her poems, which had been published in a book I'd bought a few months before. It was making me unusually irritable.

Tom:Her poem was based on a dream. The dream, I realized, was about her wanting to die. "You IDIOT," I thought as I read, "you're dreaming you're going to die and here are all the reasons you're going to die and here are the solutions that will make you change your mind and all you're going to do is make up a fucking stupid POEM about it? IDIOT," I thought. In about that language.

Tom:The next morning Sue Watkins called to tell me that Jane Roberts had died in the night... as it turned out, roughly about the time I was lying there reading, thinking about what an idiot she was for ignoring her own dreams.

April 13, 2000 (second letter)

Tom: First I was telling you that dream communications go on ALL THE TIME. So now I know it was you I heard from last Friday or so. Will get to that shortly.

Shawn:The second was to repeat, and concentrate on, a phrase over and over for 5 minutes to change a belief. Which (or both) gave you results?

Tom:Slooooooow down, young Jedi. When 900 years old YOU get to be, Concentrate as good you will not. A., I already told ya, B., do 'em both. Do all 9. And read everything around 'em a good distance.

Shawn:One of my pet projects is to win the lottery (as is everybodies).

Tom:I mess with it too.

Shawn:I've had better success with this. At times I've willed numbers that I knew would come up and then did. I've hit the 4 out of 6 about 5 times in 10 years.

Tom:I don't know if it's better. My average has become consistent, whereas you didn't mention how often you hit how many. Plus I also tend to come within one or two digits of ALL of 'em, every couple three weeks, but I didn't count that. And, I've been doing this for just a year and a half, not 10 years.

Tom:Guess I haven't felt like keeping track of the different ways one might look at the game -- except to try to note how it felt specifically when I picked one or two that turned out to be right. That's a decent exercise in intuition. I've tried deliberately changing my thoughts about it to see if keeping one line of thinking up tended to produce better results. The answer is yep, keeping one line of thinking going about it tends to produce better results. If I quit it, I get nothing. Okay. I know THAT much now.

Tom:I s'pose I should mention last night. I walked over to the place I buy 'em -- this time, later than usual because I had visitors. I stood there and looked at the numbers. Powerball... 7! No. 6. No, 7! But 6... has a FEELING about it. Well so does 7! Yeah... but... 7 is a corny sort of number, as in "lucky 7." So what! Seven is the number! but... but... what IS this odd feeling about the number six?

Tom:I didn't understand it, but it was a plain vivid feeling of peculiar shape. I finally chose 7, having picked the other numbers with a fairly fluid sensation, and went to pay for it. The guy told me that it was too late for this night's drawing. Well I'll be darned, I thought. Fair enough.

Tom:Oh yeh -- also, I buy only one ticket at a time.

Tom:So this a.m. I looked at the Powerball results. None of the numbers I guessed were close... except that the Powerball number was... 6. Ta daaa. Now then, was some knowledgeable glitch of my mind otherwise picking Saturday's numbers? We'll see.

Tom:I should also tell you I've already "been there" so far as being independently wealthy goes. I walked away from it awhile ago for two reasons: one, I don't feel like going through the damned legal proceedings which would drag on for years to get what's mine, and two, I was bored to the point I thought I just might catch something and die young just for excitement. I'd been independently wealthy since '87 or so. I decided to continue the dreaming adventure I was on that led me there in the first place.

Tom:So the lottery game hasn't been a thing I'd had any interest in for quite awhile. As I come back to it, I can sort of sense a huge organic mass of hopes and depressions around it that must be everybody's. A massif of personal beliefs are involved associated with so much in our fine country.

Tom:If, as Seth says, every motion you make alters the entire universe to one extent or another, what changes would this precipitate? How much to tip the people you got it from? What will it do to their lives? Do they want this change in life, this good luck, or not? And what about all your relatives and long lost friends? And what about the people who are going to hunt you down with sob after sob after sob? And the charity organizations? And the professional grifters? And what about reports that "people who have won the lottery wound up being miserable"? True? False? Or what about all the people who seem to have said winning all the money didn't make anything any different, really? True? False? How so, how so not?

Tom:I know of one couple who won a significant lottery prize. They lived around the corner from Sue Watkins and me back in upstate NY. They won some multiple millions. I used to pass their house on late-night walks. Every night, late, I saw several people seated at a table in their kitchen, playing cards. There were big bags of cement and piles of bricks outside that sat there for several years while I was there -- one day they really meant to fix the old house up.

Tom:The husband owned an auto junk yard. He bought some land and expanded the size of his junk yard. Then they bought some more land a little down the road and had 3 houses built -- really shitty looking houses -- and put them up for sale. And the husband and wife got divorced. So this is my entire personal knowledge of Big Winner lottery ticket.

Tom:I'm going on at some length with this because now I realize "who you are." Last Thursday or Friday night )don't feel like looking it up) I dreamed I got an e-mail from a Seth-friend who had a positive feeling about me and the lottery. I haven't mentioned my lottery game to anyone I know who reads Seth. I've mentioned it vaguely to a friend or two here in town. But here is this e-mail communication, as described... to my hotmail, too, not my other account. So there you are. Hello. Thanks for the vote of confidence. Same to you.

Tom:What software?

April 17, 2000

Shawn:I still have Star Wars trading cards from 25 years ago.

Tom:Yup. Writing by impulse often yields "coincidences"... meaning not chance but a touch of telepathy.

Shawn:Check it out...

Tom:k. I did.

Shawn:Probably not better on average...But I have rarely tried to will the numbers. I have other statistical type methods.[software, etc.]..I did develop some software that will run the list of numbers by me


Tom:>[etc.]"lucky 7." So what! Seven is the number! > but... but... what IS this odd feeling about the number six?

Shawn:Exactly the type of mental process I've gone through time and time again. It's interesting to hear it come from someone else.

Tom:And this puts me in mind of "You get what you concentrate on." I s'pose if you're talking with somebody about it, that's concentration.

Tom:Follow up: It turned out that the numbers I picked Wednesday yielded the usual 1 correct, the rest within 1 or 2 digits. Powerball 9, not 7. So now I know I can get my little triumph of one correct from as far away as Wednesday...

Shawn:The powerball, being 1 of 1 might actually be easier to pick up on.

Tom:I DID think of it that way awhile, and did get more Powerball wins. Why I stopped thinking of it that way, I don't know.

Shawn:The other numbers you are trying to pick 1 of 5.

Tom:So, I tend to pick a sort of curve there. I can guess, roughly, wherein the band of 1-49 the numbers will land. But is it numbers we need to guess? This is a hopper full of balls falling out, right? The balls don't know what numbers are on them... how is it we "know" when a knowing feeling hits and the number turns out to be right? How is it I've guessed 12 where it comes up 11 or 13, and so on, as though to make some strange kind of sense almost reached?

Shawn:I don't care as much for 'wealthy' as much as I'm sick of work and would like to have enough money for security and possibly not to have to work in an office again (working for myself at home would be fine and hopefully I'm already headed that way).

Tom:Yup. It happens. I know folk who've done very well as consultants working out of home after time put in at IBM. I think I might dislike even having business calling me at home, tho'...

Tom:I'm going on at some length with this because now I realize "who you are." Last Thursday or Friday night )don't feel like looking it up) I dreamed I got an e-mail from a Seth-friend who had a positive feeling about me and the lottery.

Shawn:You're saying you picked up a communication from me before I emailed you the first time?

Tom:I am indeed, as Seth would put it. Yup. Two days earlier, in fact.

April 17, 2000 (second letter)

Tom:Yup. Writing by impulse often yields "coincidences"... meaning not chance but a touch of telepathy.

Shawn:Would you compare this to 'automatic writing'? Have you ever tried it?

Tom:...well... it requires a more complicated answer than seems worth the effort. Yeah, sure, I have a pile of 'automatic writing,' in quotes, somewhere. Would I compare it to off-handedly saying things that just happen to be more significant to whom I am talking to than I consciously expected? I s'pose. But I'd rather you took the trouble to do that...

Shawn:You're saying you picked up a communication from me before I emailed you the first time?

Tom:I am indeed, as Seth would put it. Yup. Two days earlier, in fact.

Shawn:Interesting....very. Seth did mention communication happens on many levels and that language couldn't happen without the underlying telepathy.

Tom:He said our inner communications systems put our technologies to shame. He's right. By the way, you're not in Michigan, are you?

Shawn:I've been doing your Concentrated Natural Hypnosis and concentrating on money, (when I get my finances under control I'll concentrate on more important things). I've been working on starting my own web design company and last week and today I've gotten a few good leads. I've only been doing the exercises for a few days. I'm thinking it's too early for results, then I tell myself that time isn't important. But for the first time in a while, today at least, I'm feeling like the powers that be in the universe didn't leave me out of the game. The tip of the iceberg...

Tom:As to "CNH": this may be only a word-game, but don't do my CNH, do yours. These leads -- how close to money are they? And did they show up sort of... coincidentally?

April 20, 2000

Shawn:Atlanta, you?


Shawn:Designing and programming web sites. [etc] And I've got 2 potential clients for website work.

Tom:Hmm. Well, I think I'd keep up the Concentrated Natural Hypnosis, were I you. Any more lottery game news? I got 1 right as usual, yet now, have this eeeeerie feeling about the other numbers that did come up. As though I DID pick 'em... but... in another probability. Damn!

April 21, 2000

Shawn:Interesting about the lottery, I actually feel that one day I will win it.

Tom:What?? I thought you actually felt that one day *I* will win it! What to do now, what to do...

Shawn:I didn't use my system or any guessing last time...I hit 2 numbers by pure chance...

Tom:Chance indeed. Let me know what your software does.

April 21, 2000 (second letter)

Shawn:At the intuitive level of my subconscious I feel I will win it. At a deeper level, of which I am not consciously aware, I feel you will win it....Which means we will both win it.

Tom:Have you considered international Diplomacy as a career? Let me know what your software does.

Shawn:If you're interested I can give you a copy of it....

Tom:Win something with it first. I know this will automatically push the value up. But I still get a copy free because I thought up the idea: GENIUS' LOTTERY SOFTWARE WINS MILLIONS!!!!

Shawn:I've got it setup to handle Georgia's 46 number lotto and 50 number 'big game' (like powerball).

Tom:and what will they pay to have YOU, PERSONALLY, set up the software for their particular game or state, after you've won big?

Tom:I know, I know, what difference will it make after you win all that loot... you won't even care if you ever sell anything again. But believe me, after the Big Win, you'll WANT something to do.