"Thoughts of peace, particularly in the middle of chaos, take great energy. People who can ignore the physical evidence of wars and purposely think thoughts of peace will triumph -- but in your terminology the work meek has come to mean spineless, inadequate, lacking energy."

"The Nature of Personal Reality" by Jane Roberts, Session 674, Page 414

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I've received the following in a guestbook entry. I'm trying to confirm it's validity (The email they left doesn't work). In the meantime I've suspended all Seth quotes. If any of my visitors have a legal background and can discuss "Fair Use" with me I'd be grateful! Please email to: admin@nirvikalpa.com
From: Laurel Davies-Butts
"Hi- You are publishing too much Seth material from our copyrights and in-print books. It is not that I do not appreciate your admiration of the material, it is that you not only do not have the rights given to you to publish these online,and you are taking money away from us by publishing this work for free for your own ego's happiness. I cannot see who you are here, or I would write to you directly as well. Please contact me via email to discuss this, and plan on only publishing much shorter quotes with direct acknowledgement of where the material you are publishing comes from. Glad you like the Seth material, but understand that the rights to the material are not yours- and this may also be true for other works you are publishing and writing about. Thank you!"
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Converations with Tom
 Was saddened to hear of the passing of Tom Dark. Tom passed away October of 2013 of complications from Diabetis. Rest in peace my friend.
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Paul Brunton
Paul Brunton
 My new find is Paul Brunton and his student Anthony Damaini. I'm surprised I hadn't come across Paul sooner. I've had Anthony's book on my shelf for about 5 years in which he refer's heavily to books 6 and 15. Paul's "notebooks" are a real find, profound and deep. I've purchased 4 in print form but you can access them all at this link:
Paul Brunton's Notebooks Online
Anthony Damaini
Anthony Damaini