"It is most important that you understand that you are in the physical because you have intended to be. Your flesh and bone are proof of that, you see? And so, do not feel that you are focused where it is not meant to be, for you have intended to be focused here, you see. As you are wanting to accomplish the blending - indeed the awakening that you have so long been hearing about - we encourage setting a time aside of 15 or 20 minutes in every day for the allowing of that, but not more, and the rest of your focus, indeed, keep it here, in the here and now, for this is where you are creating, you see. There are many who do not understand that, and in part it is because they are wanting to escape. They have created that which they do not like, so now they are wanting to get on to something else, and so they are literally focusing outside of their reason for being here, you see. And it does not feel right. Your emotion guides you, you see."

"A New Beginning, Volume 1" by Esther Hicks, Page 159

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Converations with Tom
 Was saddened to hear of the passing of Tom Dark. Tom passed away October of 2013 of complications from Diabetis. Rest in peace my friend.
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Paul Brunton
Paul Brunton
 My new find is Paul Brunton and his student Anthony Damaini. I'm surprised I hadn't come across Paul sooner. I've had Anthony's book on my shelf for about 5 years in which he refer's heavily to books 6 and 15. Paul's "notebooks" are a real find, profound and deep. I've purchased 4 in print form but you can access them all at this link:
Paul Brunton's Notebooks Online
Anthony Damaini
Anthony Damaini