Random Seth Quote

"The picture is a relatively simple one, all in all - one in which each consciousness is assumed to be directed toward a particular focus, is ensconced in one body, with its existence bounded by birth at one end and by death at the other. Unfortunately, that picture is as limited as any one of your photographs. You are used to examining your dream state from the viewpoint of your waking condition, but some time in the dream state try to examine your normal waking reality. Simply give yourself the instructions to do so. You may be quite surprised with the results. Speaking as simply as I can, and using concepts that you can understand, let me put it this way: From the other side - within what is loosely called the dream state there is an existence quite as valid as your own, and from that viewpoint you can be considered as the dreamer. You are the part of you concentrating in this reality. You form it through information and through energy that on the one hand has its source outside this system, and that on the other constantly flows into this system - and so in that respect the systems are united. Give us a moment ... The same applies to all consciousness of any type or variety. In a manner of speaking, then, your cells dream. There are minute variations of electrical discharge, not now perceivable, that could pinpoint this kind of fluctuation on the part of cells, and also on the part of atoms and molecules."

The Unknown Reality, Volume 1
Session 699, Page 177